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There are badlands, and then there is Makoshika. Shaped by wind and water, the soft rock formations of Makoshika State Park near Glendive, Montana are like nothing else in the world.

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Make for Makoshika

Makoshika State Park (the biggest in the state) packs a potent mix: deep ravines, miles of trails, abundant wildlife, fossils, and even a disk golf course. Here, campers ...

Butte, America — the city that electrified the country. There's no denying that Butte is different from anyplace else you've ever been. Whatever you're into — underground speakeasies, rich history, huge mines in the center of towns, Evel Knievel, St. Patrick's Day, folk music, pasties, you name it — Butte is quite possibly the best possible place to find it.

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Dig Deeper in Butte

The "Richest Hill on Earth" is Butte, America—a city flush with history, culture, geology and adventure around every corner. Jump right in with a tour from Old ...

The open (and uncrowded) road. River ferries straight out of a Mark Twain novel. A mercantile in the middle of nowhere that's been around for decades and doubles as the best Bed and Breakfast you've never been to. It's Virgelle, Montana, and it's an invitation to Get Lost.

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Fort Benton Bound

Odds are, if you’re in Fort Benton, you’re here to canoe the Wild and Scenic stretch of the Missouri River, following in the oar-strokes of Lewis ...

Sometimes a long, bumpy road is just what you're craving — not something that stands between you and where you want to go, but a sign that you're almost there. The North Fork Road — just across the North Fork of the Flathead River from the western edge Glacier National Park — is perhaps the best long, bumpy road in the world, because at the end lies Polebridge, Montana. A place without electricity (save the odd solar panel), Polebridge boasts some of the tastiest baked goods you've ever come across and access to some of the prettiest and least-well-known spots in all of Glacier National Park.

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A Seeley-Swan Valley Rally

When it gets cold, time freezes in the Seeley-Swan Valley. At least, that’s how it feels when you cozy into the vintage Double Arrow Lodge or the ...