Ringing Rocks

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We took a lovely Sunday ride in late May from Helena to Ringing Rocks- drove over Whitetail Rd from Boulder to Whitehall. The gravel part of the road is very well maintained and a few miles south of Boulder saw an amazing field of pink shooting stars ( flowers). We heard and saw lots of meadowlarks, a horned lark , antelope and deer before we even got to Whitehall- a beautiful road to drive. The ringing rocks were quite enjoyable and unique too- and surprising crowded for being up a gravel road for 4 miles- it is a big ORV area, but then again it was a holiday weekend.

Mary W. on May 26, 2014

This unique geological formation is located approximately 18 miles east of Butte and north of I-90 on BLM land just beyond the Pipestone trailhead. The rocks in this unique geologic area chime when tapped with a hammer. Take Exit 241 (Pipestone) from I-90 and travel east on a gravel road (parallels interstate) for about three-fourths of a mile, then turn north on a gravel road, cross the railroad tracks then follow unimproved road marked #2 for about 4 miles (road is narrow in some places) when you reach the rail fence, park then continue to walk about 1/10 of a mile up unimproved road #2 until you see the ringing rock sign and more rail fences. (you can drive this last bit if you have high clearance and 4 wheel drive)

Michelle D. on Aug. 19, 2013

This is a GREAT place for kids (and adults) to climb over boulders. Bring a hammer, because the rocks really do ring like bells. Accessible via dirt road off I-90 near Whitehall.

Kim K. on June 22, 2013

Red Ants Pants Music Festival with Katie Hoeger

Holly H. on July 28, 2012

Just outside of Whitehall and Pipestone, is a geological formation called the Ringing Rocks. These rocks are the size of boulders and through evolution have been piled on top of each other in a large mound. Kind of fun to check out - when tapped with a hammer, each rock rings a different chime. Apparently, if a chiming rock is removed from the pile, it will no longer make a sound.

These are accessible year round but the dirt road is narrow in spots and can be tricky if icy. I'd recommend checking these out between April and October.

Jen C. on Jan. 5, 2011

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