Two Top Mountain

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Why You Should Visit

Snowmobiling to the top to Two Top Mountain on a clear day is an unbelievable experience! The view is unbeatable. From the upper areas, the surrounding mountain ranges come into view, including the Wyoming’s Tetons, Idaho’s Centennial Mountains, Lionshead in Montana, and Yellowstone National Park. But, the "snow ghosts" are what make it so memorable. . Constant driven winds create ghostly ice patterns plastered on the trees at the top of this mountain creating the famous "snow ghosts."
This trail is a large loop with plenty of extra off-trail riding for those in search of more adventure. There are numerous bowls out there with drop offs and overhanging cliffs. The bowls are great to ride for more experienced snowmobilers. This year's consistent storms have build a great base and a weekly add of fresh new powder!

Mt S. on Feb. 14, 2011

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