Bannack State Park

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Why You Should Visit

A state park with History Can't beat that. I so enjoyed my visit here.

Ricci C. on June 13, 2014

Beautiful buildings! They even allow visitors to enter the buildings. Our 13 year old daughter thought it was cool too! An educational experience for all ages. Highly recommend this lovely spot.

Ann Beth W. on April 9, 2013

150th Anniv this coming weekend. Should be hoppin!!

Marie G. on July 18, 2012

This such a great ghost town that comes alive in July! Make sure you check out the peach cobbler during Bannack Days.

Dacia E. on June 27, 2012

go to crystal park and dig for crystals, fish in the wise river or camp.

Lisa G. on June 7, 2012

Visit during Bannack Days, it,s so educational and you come away appreciating the pioneers who founded Montana so much more. It is so well done. When we went we danced the Virgina Reel with people from all over the world! A truly unique Montana experience.

Carol D. on June 1, 2012

Love the history of this place

Miranda A. on May 22, 2012

This is a great photo op stop and, if you stay too long, there is a beautiful campground too. The old buildings in the ghost town are fun to explore, especially because you can go inside. They offer a self-guided tour pamphlet at the entrance which adds stories to your stroll.

Shay W. on May 17, 2012

We love visiting ghost town around MT and in 2010 we visited Bannack in Febuary. It was beautiful and sparkling with snow. It was a beautiful day and only a few people were visiting while we were there. Our kids were Our kids were 8 and 2 at the time and just to experience these locations with them is a blessing. Bannack is very well kept and the boardwalk around the town is wonderful. I fell in love with the camp ground and the location that we took the family back during the summer to get the winter and summer experience. We love it!

Kristi Z. on Jan. 17, 2011

We took a snowmobile ride (you can rent them at Elkhorn) to this super-well-preserved ghost town, Bannack. There is a warming hut that you can stop at on your way to Montana in the 1800's.

Jen C. on Dec. 17, 2010

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